Sunday, March 8, 2009

faten mnjwb....

1.Would you like get back with your ex?
no way....i already have sum1...

2.What colour shirt are you wearing now?
black.....with capricorn sign on it...dibli wak2 dr. sms dtg bg cramah ari 2(nk bgtau angkawan dtg to my beloved ipsah...hhehe)

3.Would you like to kiss anyone on your friend list?
hehe..if i can...yes!!!(damn notty)

4.Do you have a 'thing' for someone on your friend list?

5.How many people on your top list do you know in the real life?

6.How many kids do you want to have?

7.Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
yes.... i love my parent so much

8.What name do you want beside the one you have now?
kalo truk..pu3 pn cm sdp..hehehe....i love my name

9.Would you make up with someone of the same sex?
neva have feeling 2 da same sex ok..i am normal....totally

10.What did you do on your last beday? call which means a lot 2 me....thanks guys

11.What your main ringtone on your phone now?
call:stick wit u~pcd~..really luv it
msg:hot n cold~katy perry~..kinda bitchy rite..da song ok....not me...

12.What time did you wake up today?
early like usual..

13.What were you doing two nights ago?
print my muvi(really sweet)

14.Do you like having your hair pulled?
no..just wish 2 curly my hair......usshhh...if my mom let me do it ok

15.Name something you can't wait todo?
meet fmly,frenz....ain,my cousin...and my abg...hehehe

16.Last time you saw your mom?
3 months ago...mummy,mish u so much

17.What is one thing would you like to change about yourself?
have smiling face....

18.If you have $250,000, what would you do with it?
shopping!!!!!!!!!!!no la...doing some benefit things ok.....

19.How long have you work for your current job?
not yet

20.Have you ever talked to Tom?
erm...hard 2 say........ussshhhhhh...

21.Describe the underwear you have on?

22.Last thing you ate? delicious(sori naqib)heheh

23.What's your favourite month?

24.What's your least favourite?

25.What is the last pieces of clothing someone borrowed from you?
t-shirt maybe

26.Who is getting on your nerve right now?
my abg..heheehe.....just sending msg 2 me...wait a sec....

27.Most visited webpage?

28.The last person text message you?
muhammad naqib zakwan ahmad shokhaily
bff eva


akucomel said...


my abng la kunun.


akucomel said...


x yah wat name pu3,.

x onthego!!

kau kn dok pasan ringtone once tu ko punye,


dyod said...

siot faten da de balak x gtau

pencari sejati said...

ooo.. dh ad spesel 1 erk...

x bgtw pun...


pencari sejati said...

tq sbb jawap tag.. hehe